MyMeds&Me Team attending DIA Europe in Switzerland

MyMeds&Me Team attending DIA Europe in Switzerland


The Team responsible for Reportum, will be attending DIA Europe taking place in Basel, Switzerland 17-19 April. DIA Europe brings together a global network of life science professionals from across the entire drug development industry.

The conference, which is the largest European multidisciplinary event in its field, will aim to foster innovation that will lead to the development of safe and effective medical products and patient therapies. In particular, the conference will generate discussions around a new era of medical devices and diagnostics, big data, European drug regulation and the future of pharmacovigilance.  

Dr. Andrew Rut, CEO of Reportum, said:  “The drug development industry is experiencing seismic shifts thanks to rapid technological advancements and the rise of AI, Robotics and more integrated assessment of Safety and Efficacy., All of this offers a huge opportunity for pharmaceutical industry where tools, processes and people can be combined to transform how we manage the ongoing assessment of medicines.   But with opportunity comes risk, and risk needs to be managed.  Pharmacovigilance platforms such as Reportum provide the ability to capture purer data, faster, expediting the development of safe, effective medicines, whilst adhering to new data protection regulations.”  

The MyMeds&Me Team will be joined by other leading health experts in the field to openly and freely exchange knowledge, information and insights in aid of the advancement of innovative health care product development throughout Europe and across the globe.

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