Dr. Andrew Rut, CEO of MyMeds&Me, will be speaking at FutureLink Conference in Munich

Dr. Andrew Rut, CEO of MyMeds&Me, will be speaking at FutureLink Conference in Munich


Dr. Andrew Rut, CEO of MyMeds&Me, will be presenting at FutureLink 2018, in Munich, Germany 5-7 June. FutureLink is an annual conference, which covers the global drug supply chain with special focus on the US and EU markets. It brings together professionals across the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to discuss regulatory compliance and shaping the future of global digital drug supply with information sharing networks.

Andrew’s presentation on day 1 on 6 June is at 1.45pm titled ‘Transforming Adverse Event Reporting and Patient Safety with Serialised Medicine’ and it will outline the opportunities presented by the serialisation of medicine which include increased patient safety and engagement.

Dr. Andrew Rut, CEO of MyMeds&Me said:

“The development of technology in recent decades has transformed the way in which the pharmaceutical industry interacts with patients. The advent of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and the mandate for the serialisation of medicines provides us with further opportunity to improve patient safety and engagement. Patients have the right to know whether the medicines they are taking are of required quality and drug manufacturers need to be aware of adverse events caused by issues in supply chain.  Getting accurate data from patients means that drug manufacturers can quickly determine whether events are a consequence of poor manufacturing quality, a compromised supply chain or a falsified medicine. Through advanced technologies we have been able to transform product complaint and adverse event report management by accessing key information ‘first time right’ at source, through SaaS solutions such as Reportum.”

Dr. Andrew Rut is a frequent speaker at global pharmacovigilance conferences; he most recently spoke at Medtec Europe 2018 in Stuttgart 17-19 April on the role of big data in the healthcare sector. 

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