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MyMeds&Me, Gilead and UBC’s global PSP webinar now available on-demand


Last Thursday (21st March), Dr. Andrew Rut, CEO and Founder of MyMeds&Me was joined by Selena Scaglione, Associate Director, Pharmacovigilance and Epidemiology at Gilead Sciences, and Ellen Morris, Clinical Program Manager, United BioSource Corporation (UBC) to present the global webinar, ‘Realizing the opportunity to increase quality and improve efficiency of safety data collection within Patient Support Programs (PSPs).

Attracting PSP managers and pharmacovigilance and industry experts from across the globe - spanning Japan, the US and Europe - over 350 people registered with the majority attending the event live. The Webinar is available via host Pharma Intelligence’s on-demand service - here

The busy session kicked off by asking the audience what they saw as the biggest current challenges for their PSPs. ‘Data quality’ came out top with nearly three-quarters (73%) citing this as a major challenge, followed by ‘resource utilization’ (53%) and regulatory compliance (27%).

The webinar went on to explore in more detail some of these challenges and explain how Reportum, a digital solution, is providing an effective, alternative solution to outdated, manual based data collection methods. Dr. Rut set the scene with an overview of the PSP landscape in 2019, followed by Selena Scaglione, (Gilead) and Ellen Morris (UBC) who described how their organisations have successfully overcome the problems they experienced with running and managing PSPs by implementing Reportum. This provided the audience with real-life experiences and the clear business benefits realized by both the Pharma company and the PSP vendors.

The webinar concluded with a lively, half hour Q&A session, giving audience members plenty of opportunity to put their questions on technology integrations across the safety landscape, Reportum implementation and how business processes have been improved following the implementation of Reportum.

Feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive with many citing it as a “very informative session” with the use of examples “providing a practical view of the advantages of switching to a more streamlined and fully electronic system”.

MyMeds&Me would like to thank everyone that registered and took the time to tune in. We are also very grateful for the participation of Gilead and UBC who really brought discussion to life in the presentation and the ensuing Q&A.

Anyone who didn’t manage to listen in at the time can view the full webinar online via this link now.

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