Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement


The Covid-19 pandemic represents one of the most significant global healthcare challenges of our generation.

The pharmaceutical industry is focused on developing novel anti-virals and vaccines as rapidly as possible, while simultaneously repurposing the use of existing medicines to combat Covid-19 viraemia, excessive immune responses and lung complications.

It is essential that adverse event monitoring processes are maintained as much as possible and therefore the Reportum team are committed to support our clients in any way they can.

As a cloud SaaS business, our expert engineers and delivery personnel are working fully while remote from the office. We remain committed to maintaining continuity of service for all our customer globally.

The health and welfare of our team and their families, our customers and suppliers, along with the wider community, is our priority and we are informed and guided by the UK government’s instructions and advice.

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