Brexit can spark a Big Bang for life sciences - Dr. Andrew Rut in City AM

Brexit can spark a Big Bang for life sciences - Dr. Andrew Rut in City AM


Whether or not the end of October marks a new chapter in the UK’s relationship with the EU, it also marks over thirty years since the “Big Bang” reforms to the City of London. And it is this milestone – rather than any Brexit deal – which is more instructive for how the country can make its way in the world.

The results, helped by the introduction of electronic trading, enabled London to rival New York as a global financial centre.

So why does this matter to the future of the UK’s prosperity in general and life sciences sector in particular? It’s because it shows that when the UK changes the regulation of a sector in which it has strengths (and harnesses the best technology), it can super-charge that sector’s competitive advantage and enable it to become a major contributor to the nation’s wealth (and, in the case of the life sciences, the nation’s health too).

Read more in this article from Dr. Andrew Rut, CEO of MyMeds&Me, in print, and online in CityAM here.

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