Andrew Rut, CEO of MyMeds&Me shares his thoughts on Brexit’s impact on clinical trials

Andrew Rut, CEO of MyMeds&Me shares his thoughts on Brexit’s impact on clinical trials


Andrew Rut, CEO of My Meds & Me shares his thoughts on Brexit’s impact on clinical trials with Drug Development Technology Magazine. 

Britain’s impending departure from the EU has raised a host of concerns in the drug development industry. In particular, worries have been voiced over the UK’s possible exclusion from funding opportunities and regulatory bodies such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Though the British government has made promises to implement a new EU Clinical Trials Regulation (CTR) and has stated its commitment to “being as aligned with the new EU clinical trials regulation as we possibly can be” at a recent debate in the House of Lords, worries remain over the post-Brexit clinical trial landscape in the UK.

Andrew Rut, CEO, MyMeds&Me

I view Brexit as a real opportunity for the UK to shake off unnecessary bureaucratic restraints, showcase its excellence in both research and medicine, and use it to the benefit of bio-pharmaceutical and academic-driven research in the medical arena.

The UK may not be able to compete with the US and China in a purely patient numbers game in clinical trials, but the way medicine is practiced here, and the highly connected nature of our systems means we can offer something really appealing to a global marketplace in more complex trials – such as CAR-T Cell therapies, immuno-therapeutics or those requiring long-term patient follow up.

If Britain wants to play in the global field why not take this chance to rebuild global credentials, lose some of the shackles of bureaucracy, which have bedeviled both clinical trials and drug safety legislation in Europe, and do something creative while protecting patients?”

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