Direct Reporting of Adverse Events


Capture Patient Data Direct From Source

Reportum provides a self-service safety reporting solution directly accessible from corporate & product websites.

The reporter simply selects their user type and key information is pre-populated in a user-friendly format that guides them through the reporting process.

Intelligent search suggestions make selection of a relevant coded term fast and easy, and information icons provide specific question guidance to help the reporter understand the question being asked.

The empathy-driven design includes features such as categorising steps to divide content into meaningful sections, and the addition of ‘unknown’ buttons, all of which encourage the user to continue through to report completion.

Intelligent search suggestions from the MedDRA medical dictionary, plus synonym library make it quick and easy to report the problem, with configurable triggered questions based on responses, and the ability to review the information before it is submitted.

Upon completion, the report is immediately transferred as an E2B file to the safety database and automatically reconciled with Reportum.

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