Dr. Andrew Rut, CEO of MyMeds&Me, to speak at global conference in Boston on Intelligent Automation in Pharmacovigilance

Dr. Andrew Rut, CEO of MyMeds&Me, to speak at global conference in Boston on Intelligent Automation in Pharmacovigilance


Dr. Andrew Rut, CEO of MyMeds&Me, is to speak at an upcoming global pharmacovigilance (PV) conference, which will be held in in Boston on 4-5 December, 2017. The two day conference is being organised by the International Society of Pharmacovigilance and focuses on intelligent automation in pharmacovigilance.

The conference is taking place in the context of the increasing need for efficient and accurate data management tools in healthcare. Speakers and attendees will explore the effects new tools are having in process automation and the challenges their implementation brings to pharmacovigilance activities. The event aims to inform pharmacovigilance leaders and foster thought-provoking debate.

Dr. Rut will be presenting with April Davis, the Industry Principle Director at Accenture, explaining how capturing relevant, essential and complete data at first interaction can provide purer data faster. The combined forces of Reportum with Accenture’s AI capability give the optimal adverse event intake solution. For this to be possible data has to be obtained first time at source and evidently the current systems in place are not working to capture data on adverse event reporting systems (AERs). The impact of this can be profound on the product, patient and the entirety of the healthcare system. Dr. Rut suggests that this can be avoided by capturing the right data at source which will maximise the value of the initial contact and in turn reduce low value follow up.

Dr. Rut will be one of a number of international health experts in attendance at the conference, which will encompass government, academia and industry. The event will bring together renowned healthcare leaders, including established players, new innovators and creators across key sectors that will shape the future of pharmacovigilance.

Dr. Andrew Rut, CEO of MyMeds&Me said:

“ISoP will provide a unique opportunity for healthcare leaders and influencers around the world to better understand the future of the pharmacovigilance landscape. Adverse drug events are becoming a greater issue for healthcare systems as they are correlated with poor health outcomes and an avoidable misuse of resources. Deficiencies in data quality cannot be rectified by post-processing; data has to be obtained first time at source. Processing data in this way has a knock on effect throughout the system and enables appropriate evaluation of a product benefit risk. Digital solutions discussed today will put the patient at the forefront of safety processes. It will also act as a platform to further cement PV as an essential component of best healthcare practice.”

Dr. Rut is a frequent speaker at global conferences, he most recently spoke at the World Drug Safety Congress in Berlin, in September this year on how to use digital innovation to establish an authentic reporter dialogue and transform process efficiency. 

More information can be found here: http://isoponline.org/training...

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